The KAP Group (KAP) is a strategic advisory firm that works with real estate and private equity managers seeking institutional capital.  KAP collaborates with managers to help them achieve their fundraising goals by creating a thoughtful capital raising strategy, providing advisory and project management services, preparing institutional quality marketing materials, and offering guidance on investor relations and strategic planning.

KAP’s experience includes advising over 25 real estate and private equity managers through all stages of the capital raising process from strategic positioning, to oversight of the investor due diligence process, through to the close of the fund.  KAP’s clients have generated over $3 billion in capital commitments through commingled funds, joint ventures, and separate accounts. KAP also counsels managers with ongoing investor relations and strategic planning between fundraises to foster transparent communication with investors, leading to more productive, longer-term partnerships with investors and more seamless capital raises.

The following are some of the services that KAP offers:

  • Evaluate vehicle alternatives to meet capital raising objectives
  • Develop a fundraising strategy and marketing plan
  • Create institutional quality, customized marketing collateral (i.e., management presentation, private placement memorandum)
  • Perform a track record analysis
  • Prepare managers and their team for prospective investor meetings and on-site due diligence
  • Address investor queries and RFPs
  • Manage the investor due diligence process from initial meeting through closing
  • Provide investor relations services