KAP’s Top 10 Fundraising Tips

  1. Build a thoughtful capital raising strategy.
  2. Be able to articulate your investment strategy concisely, in one minute or one slide.
  3. Be ready, willing and able to provide investors with well prepared, thoughtful due diligence materials.
  4. Be relentless with industry rags – know the appetite and allocation of investors.
  5. Engage an attorney that knows the real estate private fund market.
  6. Be prepared to pound the pavement – this means lots of airplanes, meetings and follow up.  GP competition is fierce, and you must be prepared to go the distance for the capital.
  7. Communicate, communicate, communicate!  If you are transparent from the onset, investors will take more comfort in investing in your platform.
  8. Pick your battles on fees and structure.
  9. Put your money where your mouth is when it comes to the GP commitment.
  10. All relationships matter.  Keep in touch with all investors you meet during your road show… there’s always next time.
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